Bad Effects of Smoking

Harmful diseases caused by smoking:

Smoking is a very harmful addiction that destroys a person’s life completely. It causes a whole lot of diseases. Lung cancer is the first and foremost of those. Smoking causes the cells of alveoli in our lungs to start dividing abnormally. This causes them to multiply in number and form a lump in our lungs.

Alveoli lumps in lungs
Alveoli lumps in lungs

Not only this, smoking affects all the body parts including the kidneys, mouth, oral cavity, bladder and even the larynx as well. Larynx basically cools, moistens the inhaled air along with removing the dust from it. Smoking inhibits the larynx from doing so. Hence a smoker’s larynx is unable to perform these functions.

Moreover, the kidneys get damaged as they filter the carcinogenic blood. Smoking also affects the oral cavity including the mouth, teeth, gums. Our teeth become yellowish due to smoking.

Bad Effects of Smoking
Bad Effects of Smoking

Smoking causes the carbon monoxide level in our blood to exceed thereby decreasing our haemoglobin level to decrease. Carbon monoxide increases the amount of platelets  in our blood causing ‘arteriosclerosis’. Arteriosclerosis causes the arterial wall to get thick and less elastic. Additionally, smoking also causes ‘Pneumonia‘ and ‘Tuberculosis (TB)‘. Along with all of these diseases, smoking also affects a person’s social life as s/he slowly gets inflicted by diseases.

Bad effects of smoking Click here to watch a video on the Bad Effects of Smoking

Another important point is that  ‘passive smoking‘ harms the non smokers to a much greater extent. Inhaling the smoke of a smoker causes double damage to the passive smokers as the smoke goes in their lungs unfiltered. Thus, even the smokers’ family members are not safe from the dangers of smoking.

Hence, people must avoid this life threatening addiction as much as possible if they are to lead a healthy life. The World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World No Tobacco Day on 31st  May of every year to create awareness among people about the harmful effects caused by smoking.

lungs of a smoker
lungs of a smoker



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