Physics, Chemistry, Math Problem Solving Videos Uploaded

Physics, Chemistry, Math Problem Videos

One of the most unique features of our website is that along with giving concept lectures, it also provides video tutorials that explain and solve the difficult problems and questions from their textbooks. The main reason for doing so is to ensure that the students grasp the concepts fully. A student can not fully understand a concept unless it is explained by solving a difficult question. Hence, most of the concept lectures of Physics, Chemistry and Math for Matric (Class 9th and 10th)  are accompanied by videos solving a difficult problem or a question.

We firmly believe that education through online video tutorials can help the students and parents get rid of   academies and tuition centres that have plagued our society. Our videos are meant to be an aid for students deprived off of quality education. Such students are being exploited by those tuition centres. The students can seek help from our website in case any of their concepts remain unclear even after attending their school/college lectures. Hopefully, our problem solving videos can help to a great extent. This will surely help them achieve good grades in their exams as well. Check out the following problem solving videos for instance.

1. Physics Problem: Working of Simple Harmonic Motion

physicsClick Here to Watch a Video Solving Physics Problem

2. Math Problem; Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Sentences

mathClick Here to Watch a Video on Solving Math Problem

3. Chemistry Problem; Calculating Molality of a Solution

chemistry problem videoClick Here to Watch a Video Solving Chemistry Problem

Our aim is to remove all the confusions and conceptual haziness from the students minds. Once the students are confident that their concepts are sharp, only then can they appear in their exams with full confidence. Hence, our mission is to resolve the educational crisis in Pakistan. Our videos are intended to ensure free and quality education in Pakistan as only then can our educational crisis be resolved.

One thought on “Physics, Chemistry, Math Problem Solving Videos Uploaded

  1. Assalam-o-alikum to Mr. Iqbal Mustf Khan and my Dear Anty Asma Iqbal Sahiba.My Name is Hidayat Ullah I belong from NWA Miran Shah Agency.I live as a IDP in Bannu with NADRA Office and also work as a Computer Operator.I am also 4th year Student of UST Bannu. I am very serprised when I see website.It is very interisting and like much.Thank you very much .May God you live long and very obliged to you.Best of flux and good bye.


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