Sabaq Foundation Congratulates Malala Yusafzai

Sabaq Foundation presents its heartiest greetings to Malala Yousafzai for winning the Nobel peace prize.  Arriving in Oslo City Hall, Norway, Malala made history by becoming the world’s youngest ever Nobel peace prize laureate. Born on 12 July 1997, Malala came into limelight when was shot in the head by Taliban in October 2012. Her crime was that she stood up for the girls’ right to go to school. Since then, the 17-year-old teen from Swat has come a long way in her campaign for ‘every child’s right to education’. 

Malala received the peace prize alongside the 60 year old Kailash Satyarthi. Kailash is an Indian child rights activist who stood up to raise awareness about eradicating child labor. Along with speaking up for every child’s right to education, Malala also pleaded to the “developed and strong” countries to bringing peace and harmony in the world. 

 “I will continue this fight until I see every child in school,”  the 17-year-old teen declared in the Nobel Prize distribution ceremony.
Malala Addressing the Nobel Prize Distribution Ceremony
Malala Addressing the Nobel Prize Distribution Ceremony

Whilst the audience appreciated Malala with a huge round of applause, the teenaged girl also received tremendous applause in her hometown Swat. The Nobel Prize distribution ceremony was watched on a big screen in Swat by many teachers and children.

The teachers in Swat said; “Malala is an inspiration for the entire youth of Pakistan along with being the pride of  seventy million Pakhtuns worldwide.”

Malala met with almost 7,000 Norwegian children aged six to fourteen before the commencement of the award distribution ceremony in Oslo. Students in the ceremony also expressed their wish to follow the footsteps of Malala Yousafzai.
“These children have given me a lot of strength and energy. But they might not know that there are many children who still can not go to school. They never dream for an iPad, PlayStation, or Xbox.  All they want is a book and a pen.”  Malala said after meeting those children.
Unfortunately what Malala has pointed out is quite true. There are still many children in Pakistan who are depriced off from their basic right to education. Hence, there is a dire need for both public and private sectors to come forward and  solve the educational crises of Pakistan. Our free video tutorial website is one such attempt to do so. Through, our website we intend to resolve the educational emergency that has plagued our country.
Hence, Sabaq Foundation also hopes to follow in the footsteps of our brave educational activist Malala. We are proud to be one of the contributors in fulfilling Malala’s dream of every child’s right to education. We feel that an online video tutorial website such as our can serve as a double edged sword. Not only can it resolve Pakistan’s  educational crises, but it can also help bring in the much needed E learning revolution in Pakistan.  Our ultimate dream is to provide a free online video tutorial bank to all Pakistani students so that all the children have access to free and quality education no matter what class or background they come from. 
Malala's Nobel Peace Prize
                        Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize
Source: Express Tribune

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