The Need to Stop Students’ Exploitation by Academies

Education, the birth right of every human being unfortunately is going out of the reach of a common man. Nobody can deny this harsh reality that education has become a business today just like any other business. This is not only a problem for Pakistan. Institutes and organizations all around the world are trying hard to overcome the educational crisis.

EXPLOITATIONHowever, Pakistan is facing this problem to a much greater extent. First of all, quality education is way too expensive for lower class. Even the people belonging from the middle class have to cut out their belly to be able to afford higher education.

Most of the educational institutes are simply there to exploit the students. After-school academies, tuition centres and home tutors make the top of the list. It is for this reason that we see tuition centres budding up in every other street.

After-school academies claim to be filling in the gap created by our schools and colleges. Although such academies hail themselves as the hallmark of quality education, but their very presence is a living proof of our education system’s failure. Ideally, there should be no such thing as after-school academies as it is the duty of our schools and colleges to ensure the provision of quality education. Had they been doing their job effectively, there would have been no need for after-school academies at all.

Secondly, the very presence of such academies served as an attraction for teachers. The alternative form of earning from such academies lures them for keeping some gaps in their lectures at schools. Hence they treat their students as a bait for after-schools academies.

That is why most of the students report their teachers asking them to attend evening academies to “clear up any confusion regarding the concepts delivered in the school lectures”. What is even more hilarious is that some of the teachers do not even prefer teaching in schools. They would simply attend after-schools academies as they can make much more money through them.

So why would any teacher pay attention to school lectures when they can earn much more money through those academies? Why would they teach effectively at schools?

Hence, there is an emergency to eliminate this viscous cycle of students’ exploitation. Teachers’ salaries especially in the public sector need to be raised to the market level to stop them from going for “other means of income” through after-schools academies.

The government should also take a step to cut down this rapid growth of after-schools academies. Our educational institutes need to be checked and monitored strictly. The government needs to ensure the provision of free and quality education as only then the schools and colleges can be relied upon and the exploitation through academies be curbed.

The dismal situation of education in Pakistan has always been crying out loud for help. Hence, it seemed very necessary for a non profit organisation to initiate a project to ensure the availability of quality  education for Pakistani students.

It is therefore, that we created a website with free video lectures for Pakistani students. We welcome the students, teachers, parents, organizations as well as educationists to join their hands in our noble cause. We firmly believe that no Pakistani should be left out from their birth right of education. Thus, our aim is to enable every Pakistani to get access to premium quality education for free which can only be possible if other like minded groups also join our cause.

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