Education in Pakistan; in Urdu or English?

Mode of Education

Whether education in Pakistan should be in English or Urdu has been a never ending debate ever since the creation of Pakistan. Actually this issue has been a very hot debate even before the creation of Pakistan.

The British Era

Ever since the British came to rule India, Muslims have always been reluctant to adopt the British culture, education system and even language. The Hindus however were always keen to adapt to British education and language. they were quick to learn English and adapt to British education system.

Sir Syed’s Plea to Learn English

As a result the Muslims lagged behind the Hindus in terms of education and grabbing the best job opportunities. Even when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan raised the alarm that Muslims should learn English and  adapt to British education system, the Muslims were quick to dub him as a traitor. His intentions were taken wrongly by Muslims.Whereas actually, he was the one who could foresee Muslims lagging behind the Hindus due to this very reason.However, the Muslims shunned away the British education systems out of hatred.

Scenario in Pakistan

This is still the case today. If we are to compare Pakistan with India nobody would disagree that the Indians are far ahead of us in learning English. Most of their population as a result is able to communicate in English. This helps them in seeking better educational and job opportunities worldwide. Most of Pakistanis still today, are stuck in the debate whether the mode of education should be in English or Urdu.

Actually the issue is not as serious as it has been made. This is a widely known fact that English has become a global language. Hence, nations all over the world are striving hard to learn and adapt English. Hence, this is a given that Pakistanis need to adapt to English if they are to be able to compete globally. But, an issue which is even more serious is the prevailing educational crisis that still plagues Pakistan. Therefore, before we jump on the debate whether to learn in English or Urdu, we need to address the educational emergency in Pakistan. The focus should be to make education a possibility for everyone regardless of which mode is used.

Idea Behind an Urdu Tutorial Website

A lot of our population never had the opportunity and resources to learn English in the first place. People in Pakistan’s far flung rural areas do not even know Urdu which is our national language. Hence, with the educational crisis that Pakistan still faces today there is a dire need to lift up our literacy rate using whatever language our people feel most comfortable with.

It was therefore that we took the initiative of making educational video lectures’ website Basically our video lectures are in Urdu so that most of the students, teachers and other viewers can better understand them. We believe that the focus should be on spreading and boosting up knowledge in the students. If the students find it difficult to grasp a concept in English, there is no use to teach them through English. However, all the main scientific terms used in our lectures are in English since there is no substitute for them in English.

We might also start making lectures in English but that would automatically eliminate the students who are not very accustomed to English. Hence, for the time being we have decided to stick to Urdu as our focus is on “educating Pakistani students”. Our moto is to serve the lesser off students by freeing them from the bondage of after-school tuition. Since Urdu happens to be the language that most of our students are comfortable with, so we decided to launch this elearning initiative via Urdu video tutorials on our website

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