Access Free Physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology Books Online

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We have been listening from a lot of students of Pakistan that they do not even have access to books in their schools. Unfortunately this is not just the case in rural or far flung areas. Many students from the so called ‘developed’ areas of KPK and Balochistan are also sending us emails telling that they do not have any books to study from.

It is therefore that we initiated our project of developing an online video tutorial bank. A website that provides free video lectures along with solutions to difficult questions.

At first, we began with making Math videos for Matric students. But the overwhelming applaud and the continuous insistence of  students, parents as well as the teachers lead us to developing video lectures for Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well. Later on we added O Level Math and Physics videos as well.

Nowadays we are working on developing video lectures solving difficult questions from students textbooks. Solutions to Math Questions have been already uploaded. The rest are in the pipeline.

Hence, til now, complete Matric syllabus for Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for all Pakistani boards have been uploaded. Videos for concept lectures and problem solutions have been provided. Moreover, videos covering complete syllabus of Cambridge University O Level Math and Physics are on our website

Our stats show that over 2 million video lectures have been delivered to 350,000 students so far. If the same number of students opt for after-school tuition costing around Rs. 2,000 per month to each student (a conservative estimate), it would cost their parents Rs. 700 million (350,000* 2,000 =700 m).

All this cost can be saved if the students watch our video tutorials. Our videos serve a perfect alternative of student’s textbooks. The lectures are planned, mapped and sequenced exactly according tot he respective book Boards. Hence, we rightly claim to provide ‘free textbooks’ online via our website

Thanks to our dedicated teachers, our world-class online video tutorials explain all the concepts in detail. The tremendous feedback of all the students, parents and teachers is a living proof of that.We eventually aim to be a complete online video tutorial library by covering all the syllabus of grade 5 through 12.

5 thoughts on “Access Free Physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology Books Online

  1. Asslam o alaikum…………………it is difficult to download every single lecture of any subject ……would you like to compile it in torrent file complete course of each subject?????


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