Pride of Pakistan; Haroon Tariq

Amidst all the political confusion and chaos Haroon Tariq, an 18-year-old from Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province has done something that students from all over the world could not do (Masha Allah).

haroon tariqAccording to his personal profile, Haroon is:

  1. World record holder for most A grades in A levels with 30 A’s.
  2. World record holder for most A grades in O levels with 28 A’s.
  3. World record holder for most A grades IGCSE and O Levels combined with 57 A’s.
  4. World record holder for most A grades in O Levels, IGCSEs and A Levels combined with 87 A’s

“I did my O-levels in one year – usually people do it in three years.” Haroon told the BBC.

He sat the first exams in 2010 while still attending the Army Public School in Peshawar in his home province.That year he did 10 subjects, including the compulsory ones.

“I had two years left in my O-levels [study period] so I thought I want to do something special, something different from others. I wanted to excel from  other students… so I took a lot of subjects.” Haroon said.

Moving to Islamabad because of his father’s army career, Haroon piled on the O-levels and international GCSEs, scoring mostly A  grades. He did some of the exams through private study at home and some through the British Council but is now working mainly through his current school, Froebels International. Haroon decided to appear for both Spanish and French as well but found them too time-consuming and gave them up.

However, never did he lock himself in an ivory tower and missed out on non-academic pursuits.

“I actually love football, you know. I love Manchester City – I support them. I’ve been following them four or five years, I love the English Premier League. On the pitch, I’m a center forward and I can also play on wings”. He told BBC

He finds time for the school debating society, too.

The example of Haroon Tariq definitely proves that Pakistanis are no less than anyone else. Pakistan has countless such Haroons who have got all the potential and skills to prove their excellence. Nothing, but only the scarcity of financial and infrastructural resources holds them back. As a result, numerous such students are not able to prove their worth. It is our duty as  Pakistanis to create platforms and solutions to help such unfortunate students. Sabaq Foundation’s website  is one such step.

Our website provides online video tutorials to Pakistani students totally free.We have uploaded more than 4000 video tutorials covering the complete Matric syllabus for Math, Physics, Biology & Chemistry for all Pakistani boards. Moreover, videos covering the syllabus of Cambridge University O Level Math & Physics are also on our website.

All the videos have been prepared and sequenced following the exact syllabus of the respective Boards. Don’t believe it? Check out for yourselves :

o level math


BBC News

Dawn News

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