Facing Difficulty in Solving Math Questions?

Math is a subject that needs continuous practice. Students need to keep solving the exercise problems so that their concepts remain sharp. The moment students stop doing this, they run the risk of their concepts getting rusty.

This is why all of  http://sabaq.pk/’s math video lectures of Matric come with solutions of difficult questions.We are in the process of uploading videos for solved Math Questions for O Level & General Math as well.

Check out the video below for instance. The following video explains the derivation of distance formula .

math questions


At first; our videos explain all the basic math concepts through online video lectures. Secondly; difficult problems and questions are solved in our videos to make sure that the students fully grasp that topic. Hence in this way our videos help students who are stuck up in Math to fully understand the concepts.

Concepts videos and  problem solutions regarding all of the following topics are available on http://sabaq.pk/.

  1. Statistics
  2. Pie
  3. Sets
  4. Algebra
  5. Circles
  6. Geometry
  7. Trigonometry
  8. Logarithms
  9. Factorization
  10. Matrices & Determinants
  11. Linear Graphs & Their Application
  12. Real and Complex Numbers
  13. Congruent Triangles
  14. Ratio and Proportion
  15. Pythagoras Theorem
  16. Practical Geometry — Triangles
  17. Elimination
  18. Information Handling
  19. Variations
  20. Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors

We firmly believe that a student can not fully understand a concept without practicing the questions related to that topic. This is especially true for Math as this subject can not be learnt by simply cramming the concepts. This is why each concept video lecture for Math is accompanied by a video solving Math Problems.

It is essentials for the students to practice solving  exercise questions as only then they can get a full grasp on Math. Therefore, http://sabaq.pk/’s noble cause of providing free online videos provide an excellent opportunity for student to become math gurus. They can either watch our videos online or buy our DVDs in case they do not have internet.

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