Learn how Atmospheric Pressure helps you in Drinking juice


Pressure is a scalar, physical quantity which is the ratio of force to the area over which that force is applied.The formula of pressure is as follows:

P = F/A   

Atmospheric Pressure:

Earth is covered by air containing different gases which makes the atmospheric pressure of earth. The pressure of molecules acts on all bodies from all direction. Take a balloon for instance. If you were to blow air in a round balloon, it would swell in a perfect round shape as the air would put pressure on its insides from all directions. Hence, the balloon would take a perfect round shape.

Real Life Application of Atmospheric Pressure:

Atmospheric Pressure plays an important role in our daily lives as well. We drink juice from a box with the help of Atmospheric Pressure. The act of sucking through a straw creates a vacuum in the box as the air is sucked from it.

When you suck the air out of the straw, the drink in the box is pushed up by the air that is still on top of the drink. You use your mouth to reduce the pressure over the fluid inside the straw. The pressure over the rest of the liquid in the box continues to be exerted and, because it is higher than the pressure over the liquid inside the straw, the net effect is for the liquid to be forced from the area of higher pressure to the area of lower pressure.Hence, the drink goes in your mouth from the straw.

If you keep sucking even when the juice is finished, the box will get pressed inside. This happens because the action of sucking the air creates an area of lower atmospheric pressure in the box. Hence, the air outside which has a higher pressure applies the force on the box, thereby pressing it. Previously, the air inside the box had been exerting an equal pressure on it than the air outside the box. So the box had maintained its shape.

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atmospheric pressure

The Need to Stop Students’ Exploitation by Academies

Education, the birth right of every human being unfortunately is going out of the reach of a common man. Nobody can deny this harsh reality that education has become a business today just like any other business. This is not only a problem for Pakistan. Institutes and organizations all around the world are trying hard to overcome the educational crisis.

EXPLOITATIONHowever, Pakistan is facing this problem to a much greater extent. First of all, quality education is way too expensive for lower class. Even the people belonging from the middle class have to cut out their belly to be able to afford higher education.

Most of the educational institutes are simply there to exploit the students. After-school academies, tuition centres and home tutors make the top of the list. It is for this reason that we see tuition centres budding up in every other street.

After-school academies claim to be filling in the gap created by our schools and colleges. Although such academies hail themselves as the hallmark of quality education, but their very presence is a living proof of our education system’s failure. Ideally, there should be no such thing as after-school academies as it is the duty of our schools and colleges to ensure the provision of quality education. Had they been doing their job effectively, there would have been no need for after-school academies at all.

Secondly, the very presence of such academies served as an attraction for teachers. The alternative form of earning from such academies lures them for keeping some gaps in their lectures at schools. Hence they treat their students as a bait for after-schools academies.

That is why most of the students report their teachers asking them to attend evening academies to “clear up any confusion regarding the concepts delivered in the school lectures”. What is even more hilarious is that some of the teachers do not even prefer teaching in schools. They would simply attend after-schools academies as they can make much more money through them.

So why would any teacher pay attention to school lectures when they can earn much more money through those academies? Why would they teach effectively at schools?

Hence, there is an emergency to eliminate this viscous cycle of students’ exploitation. Teachers’ salaries especially in the public sector need to be raised to the market level to stop them from going for “other means of income” through after-schools academies.

The government should also take a step to cut down this rapid growth of after-schools academies. Our educational institutes need to be checked and monitored strictly. The government needs to ensure the provision of free and quality education as only then the schools and colleges can be relied upon and the exploitation through academies be curbed.

The dismal situation of education in Pakistan has always been crying out loud for help. Hence, it seemed very necessary for a non profit organisation to initiate a project to ensure the availability of quality  education for Pakistani students.

It is therefore, that we created a website http://sabaq.pk/ with free video lectures for Pakistani students. We welcome the students, teachers, parents, organizations as well as educationists to join their hands in our noble cause. We firmly believe that no Pakistani should be left out from their birth right of education. Thus, our aim is to enable every Pakistani to get access to premium quality education for free which can only be possible if other like minded groups also join our cause.

Causes & Cure of Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone

Causes of Kidney Stones:

Kidney stones are formed in the kidneys due to:

  1. Deficiency of water in the body
  2. Excess consumption of Alcohol
  3. Non filtration of the above mentioned chemicals.
  4. Excess intake of calcium, vitamin C & D,green vegetables, salts in the body
  5. Viral/Bacterial infection in Urinary Tract

When any of the above-mentioned condition occurs, the urine of a person becomes very concentrated with the following chemicals:

  • Calcium Oxalate
  • Calcium
  • Ammonium Phosphate
  • Uric Acid

Excess of these chemicals causes them chemicals to take the form of crystals in the kidneys and block the ureter and urinary bladder. This causes the urinary tract to be blocked. The patient experiences pain while urinating.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones:

  • severe pain in kidneys
  • difficulty in urination
  • pain in lower abdomin
  • vomiting
  • frequent urination
  • foul smell from the urine
  • passage of blood & puss in urine

Treatment of Kidney Stones:

Kidney Stones can be removed by two ways:

  • Removal of Kidney stones through surgery
  • Removal of Kidney stones through Lithotripsy

Click Here to watch a detailed video on the causes & cure of kidney stones:http://sabaq.pk/video-page.php?sid=federal-biology-10th-2.4&v=b-homeo-40


Catch Sabaq Foundation in Literature Festivals for Teachers and Children

asdSabaq Foundation is pleased to announce their attendance at both Teacher’s and Children’s Literature Festival to be held in Lahore from 27- 29 November. The three day event will consist of  the Teachers’ Literature Festival (TLF) on 27th and the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) (28-29 Nov)to be open for the public at the Children’s Library Complex Lahore.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Minister for Education Rana Mashhood have been invited to inaugurate the CLF.

The festivals have been organised by the Idara-i-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) & Oxford University Press (OUP) in collaboration with the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The teachers’ and childrens’ festivals will be open for everyone  from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

This was announced at the a press conference at the Children’s Library Complex on Tuesday.

The Teachers’ Literature Festival will be held on November 27, for the first time in Lahore. As many as 30,000 people are expected to show up on CLF and  1,500 to 2,000 teachers are expected to take part in the Teachers’ Literature Festival.

The festival aims to promote reading and critical thinking in classrooms and schools. It will also provide teachers an opportunity to voice their views.

Events at the festival include read-and-sing-along stories, theater, skits, puppet shows, poetry recitals, book launches and plenary sessions and workshops.

CLF Lahore is a free public event; an equalizer for all school systems – government and private sector, non-formal and special needs schools. CLF focuses on reviving a culture of critical thinking and imagination by generating innovative content for textbooks and supplementary materials in classrooms in order to promote reading habits beyond textbooks and tests.

The CLF is not only important for schools & colleges to attend, educational trusts and NGOs are also ensuring their presence in the festival to create awareness about the importance of education amongst people.

Hence, Sabaq Foundation has also grabbed the opportunity to do so. People can come to our stall to know about our cause.

sabaq stallCLF Lahore is going to present celebrities, authors, publishers and well-known personalities. The event will feature interactive readings, discussions, workshops, theatres and art experiences by famous children’s writers, poets and artists.

Baela Raza Jamil, a founding member of the CLF and programmes director at the ITA, said such festivals were part of a social movement to change the country’s education system.“We want to demonstrate what works to capture the hearts and minds of our children, youth, teachers and parents.”

“Educators should take inspiration from festivals like the CLF and integrate them in their daily classroom practices. Some school systems are already replicating these activities” she said.

Zehra Nigah, Haseena Moin, Samina Ahmed, Raza Kazim, Nadia Jamil, Adeel Hashmi, Khaled Anam, Ali Hamza and Zubeida Mustafa among others will participate.

Adeel Hashmi, ambassador for the CLF, said he was honoured to be part of the festival. “In a country where unfortunately education is rarely prioritised, such events are a breath of fresh air.”

Education in Pakistan; in Urdu or English?

Mode of Education

Whether education in Pakistan should be in English or Urdu has been a never ending debate ever since the creation of Pakistan. Actually this issue has been a very hot debate even before the creation of Pakistan.

The British Era

Ever since the British came to rule India, Muslims have always been reluctant to adopt the British culture, education system and even language. The Hindus however were always keen to adapt to British education and language. they were quick to learn English and adapt to British education system.

Sir Syed’s Plea to Learn English

As a result the Muslims lagged behind the Hindus in terms of education and grabbing the best job opportunities. Even when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan raised the alarm that Muslims should learn English and  adapt to British education system, the Muslims were quick to dub him as a traitor. His intentions were taken wrongly by Muslims.Whereas actually, he was the one who could foresee Muslims lagging behind the Hindus due to this very reason.However, the Muslims shunned away the British education systems out of hatred.

Scenario in Pakistan

This is still the case today. If we are to compare Pakistan with India nobody would disagree that the Indians are far ahead of us in learning English. Most of their population as a result is able to communicate in English. This helps them in seeking better educational and job opportunities worldwide. Most of Pakistanis still today, are stuck in the debate whether the mode of education should be in English or Urdu.

Actually the issue is not as serious as it has been made. This is a widely known fact that English has become a global language. Hence, nations all over the world are striving hard to learn and adapt English. Hence, this is a given that Pakistanis need to adapt to English if they are to be able to compete globally. But, an issue which is even more serious is the prevailing educational crisis that still plagues Pakistan. Therefore, before we jump on the debate whether to learn in English or Urdu, we need to address the educational emergency in Pakistan. The focus should be to make education a possibility for everyone regardless of which mode is used.

Idea Behind an Urdu Tutorial Website

A lot of our population never had the opportunity and resources to learn English in the first place. People in Pakistan’s far flung rural areas do not even know Urdu which is our national language. Hence, with the educational crisis that Pakistan still faces today there is a dire need to lift up our literacy rate using whatever language our people feel most comfortable with.

It was therefore that we took the initiative of making educational video lectures’ website http://sabaq.pk/. Basically our video lectures are in Urdu so that most of the students, teachers and other viewers can better understand them. We believe that the focus should be on spreading and boosting up knowledge in the students. If the students find it difficult to grasp a concept in English, there is no use to teach them through English. However, all the main scientific terms used in our lectures are in English since there is no substitute for them in English.

We might also start making lectures in English but that would automatically eliminate the students who are not very accustomed to English. Hence, for the time being we have decided to stick to Urdu as our focus is on “educating Pakistani students”. Our moto is to serve the lesser off students by freeing them from the bondage of after-school tuition. Since Urdu happens to be the language that most of our students are comfortable with, so we decided to launch this elearning initiative via Urdu video tutorials on our website http://sabaq.pk/.

Videos for Physics Questions’ Solutions Coming Up Next Week

To the pleasure of all those students eagerly waiting for Physic’s question solving videos; your wait is over. All the video content for problem solutions has been prepared and will be uploaded on our website by next week.

We are vigorously trying our best to add more and more content on our website. For this, our entire team of teachers, content developers, data analysts, quality assurance and marketing is working day and night.

We are very grateful to all the appreciation from all our viewers. We must say that it is your feedback and appreciation that keeps us going.

physics video

Click Here:http://sabaq.pk/video-page.php?sid=cambridge-physics-ol-3.1&v=p-9-10-dynamics-1a

Access Free Physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology Books Online

CylinderClick Here: http://sabaq.pk/video-page.php?sid=cambridge-math-d1-9.3&v=m-9-10-geo-figures

We have been listening from a lot of students of Pakistan that they do not even have access to books in their schools. Unfortunately this is not just the case in rural or far flung areas. Many students from the so called ‘developed’ areas of KPK and Balochistan are also sending us emails telling that they do not have any books to study from.

It is therefore that we initiated our project of developing an online video tutorial bank. A website that provides free video lectures along with solutions to difficult questions.

At first, we began with making Math videos for Matric students. But the overwhelming applaud and the continuous insistence of  students, parents as well as the teachers lead us to developing video lectures for Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well. Later on we added O Level Math and Physics videos as well.

Nowadays we are working on developing video lectures solving difficult questions from students textbooks. Solutions to Math Questions have been already uploaded. The rest are in the pipeline.

Hence, til now, complete Matric syllabus for Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for all Pakistani boards have been uploaded. Videos for concept lectures and problem solutions have been provided. Moreover, videos covering complete syllabus of Cambridge University O Level Math and Physics are on our website http://sabaq.pk/.

Our stats show that over 2 million video lectures have been delivered to 350,000 students so far. If the same number of students opt for after-school tuition costing around Rs. 2,000 per month to each student (a conservative estimate), it would cost their parents Rs. 700 million (350,000* 2,000 =700 m).

All this cost can be saved if the students watch our video tutorials. Our videos serve a perfect alternative of student’s textbooks. The lectures are planned, mapped and sequenced exactly according tot he respective book Boards. Hence, we rightly claim to provide ‘free textbooks’ online via our website http://sabaq.pk/.

Thanks to our dedicated teachers, our world-class online video tutorials explain all the concepts in detail. The tremendous feedback of all the students, parents and teachers is a living proof of that.We eventually aim to be a complete online video tutorial library by covering all the syllabus of grade 5 through 12.