Unique Features of our Chemistry Videos

Matric students mostly consider Chemistry to be the toughest Science subject when compared to Physics and Biology. This is because just like Math, the concepts are interrelated and difficult to grasp. So most of the students donot get the concepts in one go.

organic compounds
organic compounds

Click Here: http://sabaq.pk/video-page.php?sid=federal-chemistry-10th-3.3&v=c-9-10-org-chem-40


Sabaq Foundation’s Chemistry videos provide the best forum to such students. Our videos explain the concepts in Urdu (retaining the terms in English). We use colorful diagrams to explain complex chemical reactions. This makes it a lot easier to understand the concepts as the dry textbooks often lose the students’ attention.

One unique thing about our videos is that we follow the exact content of the textbooks so students can find them easily. We have covered the complete Chemistry syllabus of Matric for all Pakistani Boards. Extra effort has been put to explain topics like organic chemistry, bio chemistry, chemical bonding metals, structure of atoms, matter, and chemical reactivity.

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