Facilitating E-learning in Pakistan

E-learning is the hottest topic of discussion amongst all educationists worldwide. But unfortunately, the concept still needs to be made popular in the developing countries especially in Asia and Africa. Sabaq Foundation’s website (http://sabaq.pk/) happens to be amongst the first and foremost of its kind serving as a pioneer of e-learning in Pakistan. The aim of our noble cause is to facilitate the students, parents as well as the teachers to gain knowledge through our online video tutorials.

Video Lecture preview
Video Lecture preview

Click here: http://sabaq.pk/video-page.php?sid=federal-physics-9th-10.5&v=p-9-10-prop-matter-21a

What makes our videos so special?

We have equipped our teachers with the state of the art equipment. All the video making softwares and tablets are specially used for. Hence, a lot of effort is put to ensure that our video tutorials compete international standards.

The videos comprise of two types: concept development and problem solution. Every video lecture needs to be conceptual, concise and yet content rich. Our tutorials are made using legible, fully-labeled,  and colorful diagrams and fonts. are incorporated for our Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology videos.

The video making process goes through multiple levels of evaluation i.e. self-review, peer-review and then a final review and any video which does not come up to the standards is rejected. Moreover, we also take great care not to violate any copyright issues in our videos. We give full credits to the any sources used in our video tutorials.

The videos are made in Urdu which makes them comprehensible to Pakistani students from all over the world. Separate videos are made following the complete syllabus of textbooks of the five Pakistani boards i.e. Federal, Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan. The videos are sequenced and named exactly according to the respective textbook’s syllabus. This makes it fairly easy for the students to find the topics that their textbooks fail to clarify.

The best thing about Sabaq Foundation’s videos is the nitty gritty explanation of all the concepts. Our faculty literally dissects every concept and makes sure that the students get to know of its origination and historical background. They make sure that each concept is explained thoroughly. To ensure this, a number of academic books including Cambridge, Oxford and local boards are consulted. The internet is also consulted in case the faculty needs further elaboration of a concept. Hence, we try our level best to make sure the students understand the concepts fully and completely.

This is how Sabaq Foundation is making a leap forward in creating awareness and popularizing e-learning. People from all over the world can access our online video tutorials 24/7. Our statistical analysis shows that students from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, (Middle Eastern countries like) Saudi Arabia, Qatar login to our website. This clearly indicates that even overseas Pakistani students find our tutorials very useful which truly is a medal of honor for us.

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